Day 36 – Terrace Bay to White River Provincial Park – Total Distance Traveled – 3791kms

I hadn’t seen anything of Terrace Bay yet so I took the time to see Aguasabon Falls and Gorge. There’s a heck of a lot of volume of water going over those falls and I can imagine someone has tried to go over it in a Kayak. There’s a massive hydro electric generating plant nearby where that diverted the water from a lake from flowing to the Arctic to instead flow to Superior.

Aguasabon Falls

More shots from Terrace Bay. They’ve done a wonderful job of turning a crappy looking street into a modern mall.

The back of the mall – looks like any other northern town

The front if the mall – a face lift

They seem to have a hockey rivalry going on. No Sens fans in sight.

For the Hab fans

For the Leafs fans

I saw my second bear today, this one less than 100′ away on the side of the road. They’re having a big bear problem this year in Terrace Falls and I thought I’d better buy some bear bells. The bear completely ignored the loud trucks and cars going by but heard my bear bells and looked straight at me. It was beautiful. But I could just imaging what it was thinking about: “What’s that jingling noise?” and then “I wonder what it tastes like?”. Needless to say I did not stop for a photo shoot. No more bears were spotted the rest of the day but I’m sure they saw – and heard – me.

Although the elevation map didn’t show much in the way of hills I’d almost say it was worse than yesterday. Yesterday there were three mountains to get over and you knew when you were done. Today there seemed to be endless ups and downs; more ups than downs because by the end of the day I was about 150m higher than when I started.

Elevation map

After Marathon there was a long, fun downhill, a bit of an up hill, and then about 30kms of flat plateau where I averaged close to 30kms per hour with a bit of a tail wind. It was glorious cycling.

I never went down into Marathon because it was a steep 4.5km decent which of course would have meant a steep 4.5km ascent coming back out of Marathon. That’s the one disadvantage about cycling is that you seriously have to think about side trips. If I’d had more time I would have checked it out. But I definitely plan to return to the area with Vicki and we’ll spend more time visiting all these wonderful little towns.


There’s gold in them thar hills

I pulled into White River Provincial Park and immediately went for a swim as soon as I got to my site, which was right on the beach. It’s a beautiful park and I’m told the fishing is awesome. There are these tiny, tiny little flies however and they bite. They’re so small you can barely see them. This was the first night that I applied bug lotion but the bugs really weren’t that bad.

Nicest campsite so far

Distance traveled today – 144 kms
Moving time – 7 hours and 23 minutes
Moving avg – 19.5 kms/hour
Elevation – 352


I am raising money for the United Way of Toronto. I’m happy to report that I’ve now exceeded the $1000 mark including a $100 donation from the Gagnes to the Ottawa United Way. I’m still a ways off from my goal of $1 for every kilometre cycled, or $4500, but we’re getting there.

The United Way is about helping others in our community to have a better life. I hope that my journey will serve as inspiration for others, that if you sent your goals big and overcome challenges you can do great things. The United Way gives people in our community the support they need to overcome their challenges.

Please consider making a donation here. FYI, all the donations are collected through an organization called CanadaHelps through a feature called GivingPages, which enables people to raise money online for the charities they support, such as the United Way of Toronto.

If you’d like to give to a United Way more local to you just let me know how much you gave and I’ll tally it up in the final count.

– Chris