If you could do something, and you knew you couldn’t possibly fail, what would it be? (Read this first)

Often, our deepest fears keep us from accomplishing our dreams. Asking oneself this simple question will help you to set aside your initial fear of failure and allow you to envision the possibilities.

On Saturday, May 5th, I’ll be taking a 1-way flight to Vancouver, B.C and will return home by bicycle. It’s going to take me 6 weeks to get to Toronto where my employer, Allstream, is located.

Cycling across Canada has been a lifelong dream for me. But my fears have kept me from pursuing that dream. I worried about what Vicki would think, I worried about whether I would get the time off, I worried about placing the extra burden on my team, I worried about whether I’m in good enough shape. In the end, it just took “20 seconds of courage” to overcome these fears: to ask for the time off, to ask for my team’s support, to commit to riding 50-70kms before 9am every other morning.

Now here I am, just 1 day away, packed and ready to go. I still can’t believe it. It is a dream come true.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t possibly fail: in your life; with your family; in your career? Do what’s right: face your fears, overcome those challenges, and change the world!

If your reading this blog for the first time you may want to start at Day 1.

If you would like to learn about the route, what to bring and how to prepare for a cross-Canada cycling trip look at the posts in the Preparation category.

If you’d like to hear about my other ramblings while on this tour read my posts in the Sidebar category.


Many of you have asked if I’m raising money for charity. I can now answer with a resounding “yes”. I am raising money for the United Way of Toronto. I’ve set a goal of $1 for every kilometre cycled, or $4500.

The United Way is about helping others in our community to have a better life. I hope that my journey will serve as inspiration for others, that if you sent your goals big and overcome challenges you can do great things. The United Way gives people in our community the support they need to overcome their challenges.



I dedicate this trip to my beautiful wife Vicki: the love of my life and my best friend. I was so worried you wouldn’t understand why I’m doing this, but in the end you were the one who convinced me to go for it. I know it hasn’t been easy given my obsession over the last 6 weeks training and preparing for the trip. Being away from you for 6 weeks will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m going to miss you like crazy.

To my kids: keep following your dreams, and never let your fears get in the way. Mom and I are so proud of you!

To my employer and especially Ray, Mike, Dean, Ron, Teresa and so many of the other great leaders that I’ve worked with over the years (there are too many to mention by name). Your passion and leadership is what makes Allstream a great company to work for. You’ve proven that, together, we can overcome challenges and accomplish anything. Ray, I was worried you wouldn’t give the time off, but rather, you’ve encouraged me to do this (sometimes I think you’re more excited about this trip then I am!).

To my team: your understanding and encouragement is heartening. I worried so much about how everyone will “get along without me”. I’ve now realized how ridiculous that was. Each one of you is so talented and capable, this is your chance to shine!

To my friends and co-workers: thank you for your well wishes. I’ll see you in 6 weeks (with dancing shoes on!). Neil and John: I hope to see you in Tobermory to complete the last leg of the journey together.

You can follow me on this journey

I will commit to updating this blog daily if I can. Keep in mind that updates will be sporadic since they will depend on having Internet access, and I hear they don’t have very good Internet access in Glacier National Park.

Enjoy and please leave comments, questions or just words of encouragement. Or better yet, tell us about how you are overcoming your fears and pursuing your dreams.

– Chris

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8 responses to “If you could do something, and you knew you couldn’t possibly fail, what would it be? (Read this first)

  1. Perry Schmitt

    ;Ride on Bro…Perry

  2. With airport buggy loaded up with everything you need to survive for the next six weeks, you had the look of a man chasing his dreams. Enjoy the ride, the scenery, and the freedom to dream.

  3. E Agpalza

    Super excited for ya, Chris! Nothing better than chasing your passion with your entire family, coworkers and friends. Ride strong!

  4. Sylvie

    Reading your story, your dedication and your determination was extreamily touching. Creating our own history is a beautiful thing and I believe you will re-live this moment each day for the rest of your life. This will be a great life lesson for your beautiful children and you and your wife should be so proud ! Wishing you much safety, health,courage and good faith during this challenge.
    Congratulation even before you reach your finish line!

    Smile each step of the way

    A co-worker from Montreal 🙂

  5. Nenita

    Follow your dreams and it will come true! Enjoy your ride, nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees

  6. kevinmayne

    I don’t know how I haven’t picked up on your blog earlier – great writing, photos and story telling.

    I am coming to Canada for the first time in three weeks, sadly I will only do a few days cycle touring, but you are convincing me more and more that I’m going to enjoy it.

    Good luck

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