Day 40 – Sault Ste. Marie to Blind River – Total distance traveled – 4302kms

I’m sitting on a bench outside of Velorution Ski amd Bike Shop waiting for my bike to be repaired. Velorution is a cyclist’s paradise. They have posters and signs everywhere that says things like “Thank you for not driving”, “Cycling: low on gas and easy on the wallet”. They provide free camping, restroom and wifi for touring cyclists. In return they say that gifts of barley beverages are welcome. My kind of people!


He said my bike would be ready sometime today. I think he noticed the disappointment on my face because he asked where I was headed – I told him I’m trying to get to Toronto for the weekend – and then he said he’d try and see what he could do to rush it. He just happened to mention that there’s a beer store down the road.

Ninety minutes and one six pack later (and no, I didn’t drink the six pack), my wheel was fixed and after getting some road advice I was back on the road by noon. The cycling was splendid; busy but the drivers were very courteous. They seem to be use to seeing cyclists on this section of the road.

The rest was a whirl wind tour of the Huron North Shore. Let me walk you through it:


Sault Ste. Marie (I know I showed this yesterday but this pretty much all I saw of The Soo


Lake George


Bruce Mines


Near Thessalon




Iron Bridge (of course it’s an iron bridge but the town is called Iron Bridge, got it?)


The town’s also called Talley-Ho but that’s another story


I made it!!! No, wait…


Blind River

The view for my $69 hotel room (The Mill)

After that I went to the Iron Bridge Horse Tavern for a cold Okanogan Pale Ale (which is actually amber) and met some very fine and friendly people. Wayne, a self-proclaimed chubby smoker, had cycled from Vancouver to Blind River with his 14 year old son. At the time Wayne’s son had no previous cycling experience. Now 17, his son cycles competitively all over Canada. I’m going to look for him in the Olympics.

You never know who you’re going to meet on this long and fascinating journey.

Distance traveled today – 150 kms
Moving time – 7 hours and 1 minute
Moving avg – 21.3 kms/hour

Elevation – 198m

7 responses to “Day 40 – Sault Ste. Marie to Blind River – Total distance traveled – 4302kms

  1. Nana says, “Buy two cases, give one to the guy at bike shop, drink the other; and enjoy your wait!”

  2. Cliff

    I hope you won’t make us eat that Bison (and Venison) on our own.
    Stop in for dinner when you go through Pickering unless you can resist this!

    Pan-Seared Bison
    6-7 oz Bison Steaks (per person)
    4 tb Vegetable Oil
    1 tb Chili Powder
    Cooking Instructions:
    Mix oil and chili powder together and rub evenly over filets and let rest for 30 minutes. Heat barbecue and sear filets on both sides, lower heat and grill, turning often until Medium Rare.

    Served with grilled Portobello Mushrooms and Vegetables marinated in Balsamic Vinaigrette, Mini Yukon gold potatoes.

  3. Cliff

    Oh, I forgot, and Good beer!

  4. The picture from your motel room in Blind River caught my eye as I have the exact same shot taken during my X canada tour in 2009. I was further taken back when I saw you had met Wayne, I had run into Wayne and his son James in Kamloops in 2009. Small world, am enjoying your blog.

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