Day 38 – Wawa to Agawa Bay, Lake Superior Provincial Park – Total distance traveled 4016kms

I’m listening to the sound of the surf pushing a million round pebbles up the beach, only to have them roll back down again as the water retreats. I’m walking down a beach that never seems to end. A cool wind coming off of Lake Superior alternates with a warm breeze from the south. Now I’m watching a sunset with ever changing skies that’s lasted nearly two hours.

This is Agawa Bay on Lake Superior.

My post today was going to start with the usual: I battled against a 25km headwind blah, blah, blah. The heat was exhausting blah, blah, blah. The hills were long and never ended, and so on.

All of that was washed away with a walk along the beach, letting the cool water swirl around my toes, and watching the sun go down.

Now I’m laying in my tent listening to the surf. It’s so peaceful that I’m struggling to stay awake.

And I got here on my own power. No car, no gas, and no smelly exhaust fumes.

This is cycle touring at it’s finest.

Camping on the beach

Pebbles in the sand


Never ending sunset…

Distance traveled today – 94.2 kms
Moving time -5 hours and 53 minutes
Moving avg – 16.0 kms/hour
Elevation – 184m


The United Way is about helping others in our community to have a better life. I hope that my journey will serve as inspiration for others, that if you sent your goals big and overcome challenges you can do amazing things. The United Way gives people in our community the support they need to overcome their challenges.

Please consider making a donation here. FYI, all the donations are collected through an organization called CanadaHelps through a feature called GivingPages, which enables people to raise money online for the charities they support, such as the United Way of Toronto.

2 responses to “Day 38 – Wawa to Agawa Bay, Lake Superior Provincial Park – Total distance traveled 4016kms

  1. Cécile

    The pebble beach reminds me of down home….sigh……

  2. andree powers

    Truly paradise! How amazingly beautiful.

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