Day 37 – White River Provincial Park to Wawa – 3922kms

This was one of the hardest days cycling yet. 31C temperatures and a strong, gusty headwind. Plus I can’t find a draught beer in sight. But I finally made it to Wawa Ontario.

When I become Prime Minister the first law I’m going to pass is mandatory draught beer in every licensed restaurant, pub, lounge, tavern and bar. It’s environmentally friendly right?

Right now I need sleep. An interesting and challenging day to look forward to tomorrow.

More on that later.

Seven hours later…

Ok now that I’m had some sleep I can include some pics from the day.

White Lake from the bridge

White River – where Winnie got his start

Meet Hiro from Japan cycling from Toronto to Kamloops

Watch out for moose and… cross country skiers?

Wawa Ontario

There’s a very inspiring story about how Trans-Canada Highway 17 got extended to Wawa. Originally the TC only went as far as Sault Ste Marie. The towns people lobbied hard for the highway to be extended to this remote mining community. Politicians made promises but none delivered.

Finally, in 1951 four gentleman from Wawa decided to prove a point: if they could walk the last 60kms of rugged coastline into Wawa then surely a highway could be built. And that’s exactly what they did. It was a difficult journey but they made it. It was called Project Michipicoten. The highway was finally completed in 1960.

What a great source of inspiration: Four men, with a town backing them, who refused to believe it was impossible, and changed the course of history for this small town.

Project Michipicoten

The typical northern town

Distance traveled today – 132 kms
Moving time – 6 hours and 56 minutes
Moving avg – 19.0 kms/hour
Elevation – 304m


Please consider making a donation to the United Way of Toronto here. FYI, all the donations are collected through an organization called CanadaHelps through a feature called GivingPages, which enables people to raise money online for the charities they support, such as the United Way of Toronto.

6 responses to “Day 37 – White River Provincial Park to Wawa – 3922kms

  1. Julia McNabb

    Hey Chris! I read your blog a couple weeks ago after I saw both Eric and Andrew post it on facebook, and I thought I’d come back today to leave a comment. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts and pictures and think its absolutely amazing and inspiring what you are doing. It was especially nice to hear about your visit with Eric too. I wish u the best of luck for the remainder of your journey and hope that I am able to see you sometime soon. I miss the Schmitt family!

  2. Wow! Chris, I’ll be happy to support your campaign for PM; CHRIS SCHMITT PROMISES THE CANADIAN DRAFT! (Forget the Army; he wants beer to be sold everywhere! ). You have my vote.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Cécile

    Ok Chris, all I have to say: “I’ll never visit Wawa”, no beer, no Cecile LOL

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