The answer to Day 23 Quiz

Remember my skill testing question on Day 23?

It’s easy to figure out. You remember SOHCAHTOA from school right?

Use Sin() = Opposite over Hypotenuse:

Sin(120-45) = opposite/25
Opposite = Sin(75) x 25 = 24.1

However, we need the length of the adjacent side of the triangle, therefore the pythagorean theorem comes in handy:

Hypotenuse(squared) = opposite(squared) + adjacent(squared)
25(squared)= 24.1(squared) + adjacent(squared)
Adjacent = square root of 44 = approximately 6.6kms/hour

According to my calculations, I was facing a relative headwind of only 6.6kms/hour. No wonder why biking was so easy that day (at least until the storm hit)!

If I calculated this all wrong, please let me know, but it sounds about right anyway.


2 responses to “The answer to Day 23 Quiz

  1. Brian Garnett


    My sister, who works at MTS Allstream in Winnipeg, told me about your trip, so my wife and I have been following with great interest. We made the same trip in 2008 just after we retired. Reading about your trip brings back some great memories for us.

    We are now at our cottage near Tobermory but expected we would not be here when you went through as we are leaving Sunday, but you are making awfully good time. From Velorution to here took as three pretty good days (116, 135, 122km) so you’ll have to boot it to get here by Friday night. We’d be pleased to have you stay with us either Friday or Saturday night if you want. One catch is that it is 4 miles off Highway 6 to the Lake Huron shore.

    If you get this and are interested, give us a call (519-596-2779) or e-mail ( and we can work out the details.

    Brian Garnett

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