Day 22 – Lanigan to Theodore – Total distance traveled – 2085kms

I need to get an early start so I will have to add details later but here are some pics from the day.
A tractor towing a combine towing a fertilizer towing a pickup

The sign for a Regional Park (of course, can’t you tell?)

Quill Lake

These cattle literally ran after me as I cycled by

This is something you don’t see much of in Saskatchewan

The wire from a tire tread like this is essentially what did me rear tire in

Now this has got to be a modern grain elevator, right?

Tomorrow I will cross into my 4th province: Manitoba

Distance traveled today – 167kms
Moving avg – 19.3kms
Moving time – 8 hours and 38 mins
Elevation – 531m


2 responses to “Day 22 – Lanigan to Theodore – Total distance traveled – 2085kms

  1. Peter

    Hi Chris,
    I met one of your Allstream colleagues, Scott Haefling, a couple of weeks ago when I was doing a similar trip to yours and he sent me the link to your blog. You’ve got some great stories and pictures here. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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