Day 19 – Delisle to Saskatoon – Total distance traveled 1788kms

I’ve decided to rename the town of “Delisle” to “Denial” because this was the day I refused to give in.

I packed up and left the hotel only to find my tire was deflating again. This time I was determined to find out what was going on. I flipped my bike over and removed the wheel, this time inspecting every inch of the inside of the tire. Finally I found a tiny wire poking through. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring my handy Lee Valley magnifying tweezers, which is about the only thing that would remove the evil vestige, so I covered it as best as I could using a super patch and carefully re-inflated the tire.

While all this was happening, a cold, penetrating drizzle was falling. Everything exposed quickly got soaked. I started out into high headwinds (I later found out there were 36km gusts from the east). It was very cold, everything was wet, the the wind gusts were relentless. I felt it helped to scream “bring it on!” and “is that the best you can do?” into the wind. Nothing was stopping me.

In his excellent book “Today We Are Rich” authour Tim Sanders frames incoming information in four ways: good, neutral, bad, and “get busy”. Most of what people call “bad news” is really just “get busy” news. Bad news is actually very rare. Bad news means the damage is permanent and there’s nothing you can do about it. “Get busy” news means you put your thinking cap on and turn from panic to planning.

For me, the worst case was that I could call Eric and he would come and pick me up, and that’s not really bad at all. But I’m determined to do this entire trip on bike so I carried on. I called Eric every now and then to let him know how I was progressing. What should have been a simple two hour ride took almost three.

I don’t have many pictures from the day, but I did manage a couple.

I think this is a modern day grain elevator
Finally, a divided highway

A “funny” thing happened when I reached Eric’s apartment building: I had his address but not his apartment number. I meant to call him when I arrived but the drizzle soaked through my Blackberry and it refused to work properly. I went to a nearby restaurant and asked to use their phone but then realized his number was in my Blackberry. Since he only has a cell phone I couldn’t even look his number up. What a stupid and helpless feeling.

In the meantime I was freezing and by this point I decided to head to the restaurant. Just as I was about to enter the restaurant I thought I’d check again if his number was on my iPad. Guess what? I stated picking up an unsecured wifi connection from somewhere (not from the restaurant) and so I Facetimed Eric. Here I am a block away from his apartment having a video call with him asking him to let me in! Without a doubt we live in strange times.

The rest of the day was a joy. It did take me several hours to warm up but we had lunch in that same restaurant. It was so great to see Eric in his new home town of Saskatoon that all of the adversity I experienced earlier in the day vapoirized.

For the next day and a half I will spend my time exploring the this lovely city with my son. Hopefully I’ll be as warm and as dry as possible!

Distance traveled today – 46.2kms
Moving avg – 16.5kms
Moving time – 2 hours and 53mins
Elevation – 519m


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