Day 6 – Kamloops to Salmon Arm (actually, Canoe) – Distance traveled today 127kms

After having breakfast and watch the pancake machine at the Holiday Inn Express I set up for another fun day of riding. It started out with a wrong turn and I ended up on the wrong side of Kamloops. But I did get to see a lot of nice neighbourhoods. Kamloops is a pretty nifty city (no, really Jeff). My only complaint is that it’s on the side of an enormous hill.
Magical pancake maker

I slowly made my way back to the Trans-Canada and immediately got a flat. This was as good as any place to get a flat, and I’ve been lucky so far. I quickly made repairs and was on my way.

I had a brief moment of despair when I realized I’d left my MacDonald’s cherry pie and combo pepperoni/cheese stick back in the hotel fridge. Should i go back? Nah.

The next 50kms was a cyclist’s dream with flat roads, nice scenery and a wind at my back. I stopped in Pritchard for a well earned O’Henry bar and some of that beef jerky I keep seeing everywhere. I saw an old bridge in the distance and Googled it later. It turned out to be a magnificent trestle bridge.

The scenery changes dramatically after Pritchard. There are Ponderosa Pines, lakes, and lots of greenery. At one point I was passed by a flatbed truck with the biggest tires I’ve ever seen. It only carried four tires and they hung over the side (wide load).

Ponderosa Pines just like in Bonanza

I stopped for lunch at a subway in the town of chase – another cute town. You can get off the highway to go through Chase and the road links back up with the highway further ahead.

Still missing the tulip festival

Next you’ll pass through Sorento, the heart of the Shuswap.

There’s a climb after Chase with a nice view from the top.

Salmon Arm is on the shores of Shuswap Lake, where the Salmon River empties into the Salmon Arm reach of the Lake. It is a tourist town in the summer, with many beaches.

The elevation profile today

This is the thirdforth draft I’ve written of this blog today because the WordPress app keeps crashing and its getting late and I’ve got to make it to Revelstoke. In the meantime, here’s some photos from the day.


When I entered Salmon Arm I headed straight for the visitor centre… which was closed, of course. Why visitor centres close before 5pm is beyond me, but I digress. I did catch three gentleman who just about to leave. They were exteremly helpful in finding me a campsite (there is no campsite in Salmon Arm itself) even to the point of calling the campsite to make sure they were open. The only catch: it’s in Canoe which is 5kms down the road. But hey, I love canoeing, so why not?

One thing that one of the gentleman mentioned to me really scared me. He said something about how I was planning on “timing” the so-and-so pass. I told him I didn’t know what he meant and he replied, “oh, never mind, I thought you’d done this before”. Now I know he was talking about Rogers Pass.

In Canoe I camped in a wonderful campsite down in a valley. I asked about bears and the owner said that one came into the campsite last year and it was sad because they had to deal with it. I should have been more nervous when I went to sleep that night, but it was so peaceful and serene I fell asleep instantly. It also helped that the campsite owner let me hide all my gear and food in a storage shed for the night.







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  1. Eric

    I just want to put my face where that plate. If the machine could drizzle syrup and butter into my mouth as well it would be the perfect breakfast setup!

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